Wonderful week off, had a dabble at that cave diving, they looked at me gone out, the first bloke ever to arrive at Mother Shipton's clad in wetsuit and scuba gear.

7 hours to get round with my flippers on, sorry (fins). The guide told me to stay away in future.

So here I am back to the old faithful skydiving, my latest project is to manufacture my own automatic release mechanism using a barometer.

Early trials have resulted in a gaping hole in the shed roof and the death of next doors dog Arthur.

However I'm sure with a little tweaking I can get the canopy to deploy above ground level.

Another technique I have experimented with is a timed release.

Having waited 4 seconds past the planned release time I decided to rip open the reserve, at closer inspection in my shed it became apparent, not only had I mixed up AM and PM on the VCR timer I was using but the chute would not have opened until the following Tuesday.