7.4 seconds from 6000ft to the floor, no way I don't believe you.
A bloke called Roger Rendleson perfected the technique called the grease and

A fellow in the late forties managed to do it in a flat 3 seconds, later it
was discovered he was using rocket propulsion, being found 28 feet
underground was a key factor in his trick being exposed.

"Its nothing to do with late deployment" said Bob, its all down to freefall
technique, you need to get thin and slippery as soon as you are out of the

Your tightest basque and a gallon of baby oil please sir.
Bloody hell Grounddiver what you on with ?

Day of the drop...................................
I walked across to the plane arse chewing toffee manner, full jump suit on,
basque underneath.
The pilot just frowned and shook is head.
"I say Grounddiver the old face is a little shiny", "shut it man and fly,
give me a shout when we are 5500".

As I stripped from my jumpsuit a bead of sweat ran down the pilots face,
"5500" he shouted, according to the altermeter I made it 2000.
I told him to tap his glass, realising he had another 3500 he put the
aircraft into a vertical climb.

"OK" he said "GO GO GO".
Unusual he normally just puts on the green light.
As I departed the aircraft I went straight into the G & G position.
What a rush my altermeter was going like a gyroscope, I had frigged my AAD
to deploy
the main at 70ft, In all my life I have never known a chute opening pull me
as fast as that, my altermeter was still reading 6ft 10 inches, my canopy
had snagged on a large concrete lamp-post in Lincoln high street.
Next thing I know a copper is hoisting me down, "another stag night case" I
him radio through.
He took me home to my mothers so I did not see the bride before the big day.

The time of the drop was never recorded.