Slightly tainted with butane but I'm prepared to go with it.

Enough air for a full 45 minute ascent. Amazing, scrubbed off the word Calor and it even looks the part.

Filled it at Texaco, I estimate I have 700 pounds per square inch in there. Not bad for 20p.

Genius, I've manufactured my very own self contained breathing apparatus.

The plan is to beat old Josh Kittinger's record of a 102,800ft free-fall,roughly 20 miles up. a fall of about 4.5 minutes. His speed mach 1.3

I estimate my speed to be around mach 1.37. Noel Purcell eat your heart out. 258.02 mph (snail)

The reason I'm expecting to beat Joshes record of 1.3, I'm not bothering with the stabilising chute, firstly because I haven't got one, secondly what's the point in stabilising 4 minutes before you need to be stabilised.

I have decided due to the altitude involved to put a white cross of twice the normal size in the DZ.

As a back up I'm taking my younger brothers Tasco starbright 525 with me.

I'm on the hunt for a large helium balloon, any thoughts welcome.