Castles in the Sky

As the turrets swayed towards each other due to the compression of 20 screaming kids, I realised it was staring me in the face.

I had jumped from a Cathedral 1200ft up, how about a Castle at 20 miles up, £45 quid at HSS Hire Shops for the day, cheap lift or what? plus £100 worth of helium.

Stop your bloody griping Mrs, If you hadn't pulled out at such a ridiculous angle you would have missed this castle by miles.

I need some Helium and fast, 4ft above Tesco's car park, Old Josh will be p*ssing himself.

Then I spotted the problem, come on son your times up, your not supposed to be on here with shoes on anyway.

As soon as the fat ginger kid was ousted, the rate of climb was awesome, a final torrent of abuse to the female driver, and away.

172,000 feet, HELL! I've been asleep, OK don't panic, now where's that bloody white cross, decided in the end just to point my head at that England shaped thing and jump.

F***ING TEACAKES, 640mph I'm feeling light headed.

Later in Italy as 2 people gaze at the night sky.

"Pensate che potrebbero essere Ground Diver"

Is was 9.25pm when I brought the greyhound racing to a halt at Gästrike.