Canopy No.2 is almost complete, the problem with the first was a compounded by the butterfly stitch used, and the reluctance of a stubborn sheep to decapitate himself. Still, never say die.

My dilemma now, is how do I launch a wheelchair complete with occupant to an altitude of roughly 4000ft, giving me enough time to eject from the chair and deploy the brand new canopy.

It is an NHS chair so recommendations on minimising damage to the aforesaid item would be gladly received.

A buckled wheel I can chance, but to arrive at hospital with a flat-pack chair is a no no.

An ocean splashdown has been pondered but no salvage diving team can be mustered.

The only option is a dust down.

So if you are shopping along Lincoln High Street and a wheelchair slams down beside you.

Followed by a distant cry of who's your daddy.

Do not despair your mans out the chair and on a controlled decent somewhere.