Safety first

1,2,3 go.
Did everybody get out o.k. ????????????

Look lads are you just pissing around or do you want this car.


"no way Grounddiver, £50 take it or leave it."

"OK ok £35 it is then".

Perfect for the job a MK2 ford Granada.

Beige I know, but £35

Now unknown to me at the time, one of those domino players had a cousin in the RAF,a Hercules transport aircraft, frieght load controller.

Now these guys on manouvers throw things the size of tanks out the back.

He reckons with a lick of camouflage paint to get it onboard, our Granada will be a doddle.

Looks like we are on for it lads the famous sky-drive.

"Is that it over there Grounddiver",

"errr no".

Said that without looking, it was Frank who asked.

He said he was going to turn on the rear strobe.
"psssst oi over here", well done lad, well spotted.

28 run ups to the ramp before someone sugested starting the engine.

"WHAT???? YOU'VE LEFT THE F**K*ng ENGINE IN !!!!!!!!"

Its going to be nose heavy.

Wer'e going to have to go with it.

Seemed to leave the runway in no time.

The cargo bay dropped slowly open at 14000 ft, hell thats some doorway,

"3,2,1 GO" the first tow chute ripped off the bumper.

We all looked at each other, somebody then pointed out we should be in the car.

"use the towhook this time man"

Like a jet leaving an aircraft carrier we shot out the back door into the abyss.

Two of us were stuck to the back windscreen

"What you started the engine for man ?", "for driving off when we land"

"you pillock we are vacating the vehicle and using our rigs".

Thats when the panick set in, Frank the driver was not wearing a rig, totally mis understood the dive.

"Its no good pipping the horn man".

We promised Frank that after we vacated the car we would sort something for him.

"honestly lads"




****""***£XXXKING ***HOLE

CHILD LOCKS.................................................