Reversal of Fortune

When you jump its going to tilt back at one hell of an angle and climb like mad he said.

Stop your werriting I told him just push the bloody J bars forward.

They tell you not to fly the two man version as a solo, to cover thier arses for insurance reasons I guessed.

Its the FX2 Paramotor.

I have altered the pitch of the prop to my own spec.

This little beauty will give me some altitude,

I reckon, I can do 13,000 ft for £2.68p (wonder if they do a diesel)?

I would never have believed the shredding capability of this thing.

Pulled it clean from his bag.

You stupid bast**** he said, ive only had it a week, a brand new Vengeance-170 in tatters.

How was I to know it was going have that much suction.

My co pilot by this time wanted to go home, He was concerned that the Vengeance canopy had been drawn into the back of the machine, and thrown out the front.

Asked him what the hell he knew about aerodynamics.

After creating a bit of a safety zone.--------------------

"CONTACT", "CONTACT" she strikes up.
Open up the throttle.

Passed the people lining the DZ at a speed of 6mph backwards.