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I remembered Barnes Wallace having a similar problem releasing the bouncing bomb at the correct altitude, so i purchased a copy of Dambusters on video.

All I need is two torches a roll of selotape a photocell,a relay and a steady camera helmet.

The plan.

The two torches are fastened to the helmet at a preset angle of 30 degrees, and switched on prior to departure from the aircraft.

The photocell is fixed and pointed in a forward direction between the two torches.

As i fall to earth, the two beams (circles) of light will converge at a point on the deck at a very accurate pre-determined altitude.

The photocell will sense the two circles of light at convergence point, operate a relay releasing the conopy.

This is where you experts come in, what is the lowest altitude you can deploy a canopy and survive?

Im prepared to break the odd leg for the record.

And don't be pussying around at 200ft. Its Grounddiver we are talking about here.