Straw Navigator

Bye eck missus that was a lovely break, been over filming an advert for a
well known car, I had to parascend behind, it should be on the TV ads

A crazy thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago,
I tried out an old stunt on the way home from work, it must have gone wrong
because my car is no longer in my drive, and I have 3 teeth missing.
When we were kids on mopeds, we used to challenge each other to see who
could drive the longest at night with no lights on.
Well last night in my Saab I decided for old times sake to
re-enact the old stunt, at 80mph I pulled the fuse.

The scarecrow in the passenger seat looked as frightened as me, just before
we hit the combined harvester.
I have been laid up for 2 weeks.

Anyone able to share a lift to Bardney ???????