Sucking Hell!

After many weeks of late-night demented hammering, sawing, swearing and
applying elastoplasts to various self-inflicted wounds, it's finally

It was while watching Scrapheap Challenge that I had the idea and after
some searching I located all the parts I would need. I'd found an old
Cessna engine with prop and mounted this underneath an old metal bedframe.
I welded several barbecue grills onto the frame as a safety shield and was
almost ready to go. For fuel I decided to use an aviation
fuel/tequilla/cough medicine mixture with a drop of Old Spice.

Trouble was, my home-made wind-tunnel was now stuck in the garage as I
hadn't thought about getting it out the door. No matter - at least in here
I could still use it when it was raining! Shame about the nasty fumes
coming off the barrelful of Richard's Prime Fuel (TM) in the corner.

Right, goggles on, fuel on, CONTACT!

I dive onto the bedframe and wait for the prop to speed up. It's while I'm
lying there that I notice something - the prop will be spinning the wrong

I try to get off the bloody thing but by now the suction is pinning me
against the safety shield.

Maybe if I can just reach the fuel line I can stop the engine but by now
my specialised fuel mix is spinning the prop so fast the whole bedframe
and engine lift off of the ground.

Maybe I SHOULD have done this outside. The bedframe is now pinning me
against the ceiling of the garage!

FOUR DAYS it took for the F£*!ing fuel to run out.