"If you jump 2000 above them, and get straight into the grease and gallop,
,I estimate you will be among them within 7.4 seconds, spray your helmet red
slap on the logo and they wont smell a rat, at the end of the day they are
members of the R.A.F. they don't need to be able to count".

This was a stunt I performed many moons ago, a brilliant idea that ended in
a situation that still has repercussions today.
A team called Manchester United were playing another team called Manchester
city apparently I understand they are quite famous now, never been one for
football, the RED DEVILS parachute display team were doing a drop for the
occasion which I spotted in a national paper.

"Pappa Charlie Tango, you are deviating from your planned flightpath please
check your heading OVER".

"BOLLOX" this was his last radio transmission during this particular flight,
Graham (touchdown) Travis probably the only pilot I have looked up to.

We passed through Manchester airspace, escorted by a Tornado
GR1, it was the first time I felt real danger you could read the pilots name
badge,and he was carrying live AAMs. Graham scribbled on a piece of paper
and showed the RAF pilot.
Who then flew away at a hell of a rate,
Graham then threw the paper back to me.
It read, remember dormitory 12 cranwell 1956 a lovely night ????.

OK Grounddiver its time to go......
I could see the black dots of the amateurs below me.
I reached them in 7.3 seconds
As their canopies opened, I deployed mine a split second later,
my jumpsuit and helmet matched theirs perfectly, then one of
the devils looked at my canopy then looked at his.
He shouted "ay up lads who's this herbert ?"
Shit mine is round.
One of them told me to f*** off, I told him not to be so rude.
Anyway I decided I was going in with them for some glory regardless.

I managed to navigate the stadium roof, but I had no real control
with this round canopy, then I heard a terrible ripping sound, my
canopy had snagged the edge of the stadium roof, I must have dropped
17 feet, straight onto the 18 stone tattood city fans back, the shear impact
plus my
red jumpsuit, left me in a situation that induced a swift bob.

It was the first reported incident of football hooliganism in Britain,
the match was abandoned, full scale riots and looting erupted on the
streets, if it hadn't been for that mascots chicken suit, I would never have
got out of the ground.

The papers reported the situation started when some crazed united fan, had
jumped into the city supporters
end with the biggest flag ever seen at a match.