Bank holiday weekend off to the coast.

The beach below is probably going to be crowded, I thought I would put on a bit of a show.

You know those smoke canisters you lash to your feet.

Well I've got some old coke cans and filled with some bits of rag soaked in paraffin, should do the job a treat.

If the trampette had been the correct way round, I'm sure I would have been launched out from the cliff, instead of flat on my back.

Second run up is halted by a loud shout of OI!, as somebody points out my packed chute has remained on the floor as I stood up from the first attempt.

OK safely strapped into the harness here we go.

Trampette rotated through 180 degrees, hit centre and over the cliff edge.

Check, YES an open and stable canopy.

Suddenly I'm spitting out a mouthful of seagulls nest. The canopy was flying forwards no doubt about that, which Herbert packed this thing, forwards seems to be behind me.

Then the impact blackout, as I come round I'm greeted by a tune of Orange and Lemons and child's voice shouting. "Hey dad did you see the speed at which Mr Softy changed".

Managed to shift four 99s and a Strawberry Mivvy 2.60p before liberating myself from the vehicle.

Back to the drawing board.