"Over there" he said "fat bloke in the corner he's the one with the crop sprayer", "relative of Cuthbert Johnson the famous Dambuster aviator".

"Leave it to me" I said, I could see this guy had drank a few, I'm in for a cheap drop here. "I understand you are in possession of a crop sprayer sir".

"Oh eck I lad, what y' want spraying".

"Looking for a ride in it sir", "would you mind if I jumped from it". "I would gladly shove you a tenner or so".

"You stick me ten quids worth of Beamish behind yon bar he growled and you can jump as many times as you like. I'm spraying tomorrow" he said.

"Do you go under the power lines I asked him,

"oh easily" he said, "must be 100ft clearance,"

I estimated that to be flying 5ft of the ground, HELL!.

Arranged to meet him at 6am (get up early these agri types)