Funny isn't it, some people will jump with a piece of elastic strapped to
their feet from the jib of an old crane rented by a bloke called Joe, with
love and hate tattooed on his knuckles and a cobweb on his elbow, all for
£25, or £125 if your in Majorca, but mention a parachute jump run by a
professional body and they run a mile.

It was for this reason I have developed the virtual parachute jump, called
the bunjechute
Latin name. (elastico el bobtrousio).
You go up in the aircraft complete with rig, the difference being, on exit
you are only performing a bunjee jump, now heres the good bit, as you spring
up and
down you can decide if you wish to opt for the full experience, which
basically means
a knife is put through the bunjee rope giving you a parachute drop, if you
bottle it
you are simply hoisted back on board, and called a jessie.

This needed testing.
As nobody would volunteer I decided to give it a go, the pilot wanted to
know why I had
1200ft of elasticated rope in his plane, I told him it was a new type of
static line, silly ba**ard bought it.

Ok 5000 Grounddiver
Go for it...............
What a feeling jumping out watching your altimeter display a descent, and
then gain altitude, the pilot was looking out of his cockpit window and
frowning, it then dawned on me that I had nobody with me to cut the bloody
rope !!!! shit.

As I sprang back up past his cockpit I indicated to the pilot I needed help,
by making a scissor action with my fingers, as I came up again he was
showing the hand signal for a stone.
The daft b*s**rd was playing paper scissors stone with me.

Luckily on my 65th bounce the propeller of the aircraft severed the bunjee
line, I was in freefall, at 1500 I pulled the main everything run sweetly,
received another standing ovation at the DZ.
I walked of the field and into the changing rooms I noticed the further I
walked the more
difficult it was getting, must have been the struggle in mid air making me
As I closed the changing room door I felt the strain go away.
just as I wrestled my trousers off, Brian opened the changing room door the
force was
I was dragged out the door at 100+ straight back across the DZ and
headbutted the windsock pole.