The flare, a strange thing to master, I suppose you could compare it to riding down an escalator traveling at 25 mph through a hole, step off too early you're flat on your face, to late and its a step uphill.

Get it just right though and it looks very cool

My old mate Bob Scure claimed he could flare his canopy and surf the turf (perform an arse burner) for up to 17 miles, having said that old bob was known for his poet licence, turned out he was lying, in reality it was only 11.

It was later revealed the cheating bastard had utilised the skid patch at Hibaldstow,somehow managed to negotiate the main road and latch onto a trailer taking sugarbeet to Bardney.

I'm looking at doing another stunt myself, don't know if it has been tried before, I'm going to parachute inverted and land on my hands, the catch is I'm going to have my hands tied behind my back, a bit of a houdini twist. Does any one know of a company that manufactures foot operated ripcords.