Fame at Last

Of course Im up to it, dont let me down Grounddiver, for god sake man i have been jumping the Profil 7-cell for 3 years, I can land this thing on a sixpence never mind a 2 acre field with a few people in it.

Ok what did we agree £70 and Im to arrive on the scene at 14:00 hours Saturday.

Superb Im getting payed for this mad sport.

Hope this Profil thing is not very difficult to control.

7 Cell what the hells all that about.

****ing teacakes hows this come off, cant let him down.

Wonder if its possible to fly this thing on one toggle.

I packed it anyway.

If it feels too dangerous I have the reserve.

Ok theres my signal. (suprised he got it lit)

"one thousand" "two thousand" pull.

Hmmmmmmm hard to judge, im circling, deffinately circling, not sure at what rate though.

Im going to have to make a decision nearer the DZ.

500 ft im going for it.

Bloody hell im covering 300mtr diameter circles.

Hey I can here the cheers on the ground.


wooow wo wo

WO YA BASTARD. (sorry kids)

£700 for the canteen window.