78 with rice

It will never be stable Grounddiver, look if we drill holes to let the air through the surface, and put a couple of pounds on each leg I reckon we can pull this off.

The plan is to sit at a table and eat a meal on a 15,000ft dive. I have managed to talk 6 people into it.

It was 6pm Saturday when Clive turned up with his mothers polished Chippindale, you idiot its far too heavy, someone also mentioned the lack of legroom.

We finally agreed on a wallpaper pasting table, and a set meal for six from Cha Wungs take way, he appeared little confused when we asked him about the flight characteristics of his sweet and sour balls.

The beauty of the paste table was I could board the plane with it folded and obscured out of that nosey ba**tard of a pilot.

Ok were all aboard. Bye eck, for some reason I fancy a chinky lads the pilot ranted.

1,2,3 Go,

4000 feet into the dive and we've finished the crab and sweetcorn, I got as far as my second spare rib when the p*ssing AAD cut my meal short, it said nowhere on that box that it was a slimming aid.

I managed to land 3 miles adrift of the DZ.

Clive broke his leg using his reserve at 350ft, apparently waiting for a Knickerbocker glory.

It was also reported that a fight broke out in a street local to the DZ, after a neighbor threw the complete outdoor Chinese style barbecue thru his neighbors reenhouse.