Wilton 10000 feet

Many of you will have seen the stunt where a man parachutes onto the back of a moving motorcycle, simple

Now to put a man on the back of a galloping horse is another story .

To make the job a little easier we have decided to fit a velcro upper saddle and velcro trouser arse on the jumpsuit.

My old pal Trevor R.Otter provided the horse, "she will not let you down" he said, "but if that bloody bag of cloth doesn't open, don't be landing on
her, you hear".?

There was a field long enough to target the horse in full gallop, provided I pulled at 500, a little too close for comfort

I did ask him if that was his tallest horse.

321 GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ripping noise as I departed the aircraft, followed by the pilot saying "what the f*** was unnerving, but what followed took me by great surprise, I set off like a bloke on an Arabian flying carpet, those bloody velcro trousers had pulled the mat out of the aircraft fuselage.

Velcro covering a large area has tremendous strength, and large areas have drag, it took a bloody lifetime to wrestle it off.

Down below I spotted my horse jeepers it must be doing 30mph decided the only way I was going to get on this thing was to flare and stall just in front of her.

Bang!!!!!! a bit of whiplash to the neck and I'm on the thing, what the hell is all this a massive amount of cheering.

It was the first time a 300:1 outsider had taken the Cheltnham cup. A report in the sporting life stated the winning horse was travelling at such a speed a parachute was required to pull the horse and rider up.