Looks like Shaun has bottled it, he went to school with my sister and has hidden himself in a desk.

Decided to use a plastic dustbin, with an altimeter lid jettison, detonation device, followed by a drogue chute in the form of a black bin liner, which I estimate will drag the main chute from the bin at roughly 64.2ft from the deck.

Allowing 16mili/secs to shout (who,s ya daddy) In the unlikely event of a disaster, the bin will make a good receptacle to crawl into and wait for the refuge man.

Another good reason for using a dustbin as a canopy holder, is for base jumping, makes access to high-rise buildings etc a doddle.

You arrive with dustbin on back, your nothing short of a dustman, coupled with an orange jump suit the effect would be perfect.

Imagine the look on the secretaries face as you go past the window at 120mph armed with her weekly refuge, stunning.

Just make sure you pick up the correct bin as you leave home. Otherwise it could go down as the bizzarest suicide ever.