Vegetable Streamer

STREAMERS occur when the pilot chute pulls the bag off the packed main chute, but it streams out and doesn't inflate.

There will be a long trail of pilot chute line attached to a stream of parachute (it resembles a big cloth "cigar" shape, a ramair is bunched and the slider isn't visible), with the risers and lines in view below.


Before I entered into this skydiving adventure safety was always of upmost importance on my list of upmost important things, aside to finance that is.

Having read plenty of books and watched numerous videos, on the subject of possible risks, the idea sprang.

Tighter man or she will slip through, you do realise Mr Grounddiver with this main chute bound like this, you only have youre reserve.

What do you take me for an idiot, a long silenced followed.

£20 A copy when its complete, the idea is to produce a video giving live demonstration of possible parachute problems.

Today was the streamer, we have tried packing the chute as wrong as possible, and every time it had deployed correctly.

So now the main has been bound tight to create the situation.

As im aware of the pending (doom) problem, im going to cut away, as time will not be an issue.

Go G.D the signal is given, " I cant" THUD

I still have that footprint in my back.

One thousand, two thousand, pull CHECK.

No way, I have a full canopy, dont feel I can trust it, after all its tied in 5 places.

Decided to cut away, PULL RESERVE. bobbed trousers.

The first copy of the video had an 18 certificate due to the foul language,

The first ever reserve streamer.