Domino Effect

OK the first four men carry the rig, the rest of you stay in order and keep those lines straight.

This thing has only ever been deployed with an AAD so to do it manualy, requires a little skill.

We only practiced it once as it took 3 days to re-pack it with instruction over the phone from (Rex Bag Crammer Klowinski) in the USA. Also known as (The Stork) funny fella ???????

Anyway as we approached the aircaraft its engines suddenly shut down, and the pilot came storming across to us ranting "oh no, OH NO, this has gone too far"

I explained to him I still had the negatives...... he mumbled something about it not being his mule.

"Drag it through the cargo door you idiot, hell this is a large rig".

This is the plan the first man out, holds the hand of the second, as the torrent of men start to spill we are going to experience the (Slinky effect), so then due to the forces involved there is no hand holding from 4 onwards, we rely on harness links which pleases me (No12).

3, 2, 1 DIVE

Hells teeth its like we are being sucked out, heared the fifth man shout "WHY!!!!!" as he left.

With a loud bang the exit stopped.

"If something needs to come in through the cargo door, then it follows it should exit by the same method". **st*rd smug pilots.

Come on man prize it through, I have 11 men below me, Pulled an eight foot hole in the side of his aircraft as we departed.

Time to unleash the beast

Well as this canopy opened, we came to a stand still an unstearable 7,500 square-foot parafoil.

Like ants on a brolly we drifted off into the sunset...........

Your drop Mrs Yasilevich ????????????

Dave reckoned she was tick tac toeing "bye eck this Vodka,s strong"

If not for the USA markings Im sure we would have gone further than Russia.

A month later in a russian Military magazine an article stated that due to the seperating of platoons in the vietnam war.

The Americans had devised an ingenious solution.