Domino part 2

Tandem (adv.) one behind another

The Quad dangle (adv.) 2 more behind the above

Perpare for the duo-decker diveron (adv.) 12 men in accelerated freefall with one main chute, I have done the paperwork and its possible, however for insurance reasons the four front men must have a written will.

I decided domino night was the best time to gather a possy, a perfect bunch of herberts.

Lets face it if your mad enough to try dominoes you will try anything.

four knocked, one said "bye eck lad im riddled with doubles ?"

Another "you still got them there goats Bill ?"

Amazingly I managed it, admittedly I had to use the away team.

Realising I needed a big canopy, I contacted the owners of the canopy that was used for landing the X-38, a 7,500-square-foot parafoil with a surface area more than one and a half times that of the wings of a 747 jumbo jet.

I asked if it came with a reserve.

£25 sorry Mr Grounddiver its worth a lot more. We can lend you it on the grounds you do not use it for dropping personnel.

When I explained it was a domino team, he said he had no problem with that.

Looks like were off.

Anyone in possesion of a large reserve