Old drinking pal of mine bloody genius
His name Graham Strait,

Rang me to see if I would be interested in some material
that when folded and left for over 8 hours retains that position in
its memory.
Its called crumple silk skin ,
Latin name (oragamius-dermo-memoria)
£200 a yrd he said.
Well I rolled about laughing you have to be joking.

We loaded the final box into my living room, and paid the man.

Couldnt wait to try it, used an old sabre 170 for a pattern, must admit it
made a lovely canopy.
Folded the thing up using my original dummies guide to chute packing,
haven't packed my own ever since that Shaun the sheep incident.
That's what this is all about, the idea is a self packing chute.
You get a leading rigger to pack your rig once, then sack him.
Think of the savings.
Anyway the new crumple silk skin canopy (cssc) was packed.
Obviously it was too dangerous to try on a drop, so me and Bob
who had taken a keen interest in the project, deployed it out of
Bobs car window at 30mph, having retrieved bob the chute and his car door
from the field, we quickly rushed the open canopy to my front lawn.
We stood and stared at this thing for what seemed to be ages, slowly the
outside edges of the canopy started to fold inward, then with a
sudden snap it folded itself into the shape of a box.
We looked at each other in confusion, just a minute it has to folded for at
least 8 hours.
Its returned to its packing box status.
We tried it the following day having left it packed as a canopy overnight,
and sure enough it packed itself perfectly.

It was a Saturday morning test time, no big deal just a standard jump.
I kept quite about the (cssc) to the people in the dropzone area, I just
wanted to see their faces as the canopy shot back into the pack.

I decided to jump from 6000 as I did not know the flight characteristics of
this (cssc).
Well I had nothing to fear a slightly longer deployment time but nothing
At 3000 feet something strange started to happen, the canopy seemed to
be speeding forward the bloody leading edge was curling in, with a snap,
f**ck**g spiders its re-packed itself in flight.

I now had a choice either re-deploy the (cssc) or opt for the reserve.
Follow the rules, if you have a problem with the main chute, cutaway &
deploy reserve.
How do you cutaway a canopy that's still in the bag, SOD IT
Pulled reserve, everything was now under control.
Until I heard a bleeping noise, holy shit, the AAD re-deploys the (cssc).
26 times the main chute was in and out the bag on that decent.
I received a standing ovation on the DZ.
They reckoned it was the finest stunt they had ever seen since the cloud